The Greatest Logo Design Software Applications

Getting a fantastic logo for your company is really important because it is the face of your brand name. That’s where logo design applications come in handy for designers.

If you’ve determined enough to create a great logo, then an online logo design maker application and logo style applications can help a great deal. And in this article, we will even show you how. A logo design app is a program that will enable you to design a logo design straight on your mobile or tablet gadget.

Here’s what the process appears like for most logo maker apps: You pick a preliminary icon or design template amongst the alternatives offered, then from there you customize it with your preferred colors, font styles, backgrounds, and other elements. Lastly, you download the result as a photo on your phone or send it to yourself through email. Different applications will use different alternatives for download, file format, and resolution.

Logo Software Applications
Nowadays, you don’t need to download software at all, you can create a perfect professional logo with an online app. Gravit Designer is available both online and on desktop. Out of all the online options we reviewed, this program has the most features and tools to support custom logo design. These include selection tools, precision alignment, blending modes, symbol libraries, and much more. You do have to pay for the pro version if you want a range of design export files as well as full editing control over color, typography and vector paths. Depending on your particular needs, the free version has enough assets to create a professional logo, provided you have the design-savvy to do so.

Vectr is one of the easiest logo software to use. If you’re looking for an online software option that’s much simpler than Gravit, Vectr provides a streamlined interface that supports custom logo design. Their mission is to make graphic design accessible to everyone, and this translates to completely free software. While the toolset certainly delivers on this promise, there are limits to how far you can take your designs. But it still manages to contain a decent array of tools, that make it a great place to start as a logo designer.

Looka is one of the best AI-powered logo designers. Why bother designing your logo at all when you can get a robot to do it for you? Looka‘s online logo software is perfect if you do not have the design chops to create your logo or do not have the time or budget to hire a designer. Right out of the gate, their basic questionnaire is more involved than similar platforms like Renderforest. Looka looks deeper, for more accurate results, focusing on what kind of brand you are and what style suits you. But it probably comes as no surprise that the results are ultimately based on templates and the quality of these automated logos can be mixed. If you’re looking for a logo that’s fully customized and tailored to you, you may want to leave the robots behind.

Hatchful is said to be one of the best mobile logo creators. Although you can use it on desktop, Hatchful has an excellent mobile interface that makes it perfect for the user on-the-go. It works similar to the other logo makers because it allows you to choose your category and style, and even has more options for more accurate results.

Of course, we can forget about Adobe Photoshop, which is said to be the best design software for logo sketching. As one of the most well-known design software, Adobe Photoshop has earned its reputation for good reason. Photoshop offers plenty of design features to make it one of the most versatile programs around, it can handle digital painting, video, and even 3D imaging! Provided you have a graphics tablet, Photoshop is an excellent program for freehand drawing and logo sketching. You can quickly trace and refine sketches with layers, resize and edit specific parts with selection tools, and wind back the clock on your mistakes with the friendly Undo button, which is a significant advantage, compared to your average sketchbook.

Good Luck Creating!
There are tons of logo design software options out there, each made for a different purpose. Which one is the best design software for you depends on your particular needs and budget. Professional software is a key component of professional logo design, but the most important asset is design expertise. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re working with a professional every time.