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iPad optimized Gmail on your Mac

Google optimized Gmail to make the download fast and appear in two columns, which is pretty cool. If you don't have an iPad, you can still experience this view in FF (and other browsers) by changing the user agent to simulate an iPad. This is of course just for fun, not good for any serious use.

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Create a new tab with previous site easily in Firefox & Safari

Browser Tip
If you're reading a Web page and want to go back to the last site you visited without leaving the current site you're on, there's a simple trick to allow you to do so.

Hold down the Command (Apple) key and click the Back button in Firefox or Safari. The site you're currently visiting remains open and the previous site you visited will open in a new tab.

Tip courtesy of The Graphic Mac.

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Launch Firefox with multiple tabs

home page preferences screen-shot

If you want to open more than just one page at startup you can simply do that by adding several urls in the Preferences/ Main/ Home page field, each divided by a vertical bar, like this: |

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Go forward and backward with scrollwheel in Firefox

By now, you know that by pressing Apple (Cmd) and scrolling with the scroll wheel on your mouse you can change the font size in your browser. You also know that by pressing CTRL and scrolling you can Zoom in and out your screen.

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Firefox 2.0 Mac OS X

Firefox iconFirefox 2.0 was released almost at the same time as Internet Explorer 7. And, what a difference. While Firefox alongside Opera is raising the bar, IE7 is barely catching up with the rest of the crowd.

This is a good example of how much more efficient the open source community can be compared to a giant behemoth company like MS. The new Firefox packs a lot of cool new features and most importantly it is much faster than the previous version. Here are the new features in the order of importance for me.

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Force refresh a Firefox window

refresh iconWhen developing websites I need to make sure that the page I'm looking at is using the latest images and stylesheets. They tend to be loaded from the cache therefore so I may not see the recent changes. I found that by holding the Apple (Command) key and clicking the refresh button I can force Firefox to reload ALL the elements of the page therefore I can make sure I'm looking at the latest set of files. What is your experience?

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Change font size in Firefox

I'm sure everyone is familiar with the Apple - "+" (Command - "+") and Apple - "-" keycombo to change font size in a browser window. But did you know that you can hold down the Apple key and use the scroll bar to increase font size as well? I'm not sure if it works with all mice, but it certainly works with the mighty one.

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New FF tab in a snap

To create a new tab in Firefox just double-click the empty area next to the tabs on the right.

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Google AdSense referrals

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Firefox extension wishlist

Fantasy Firefox extensions

This is just a bit of speculative fantasy on my part but if you could have an extension for the brilliant Firefox browser what would it be?

There are already a bunch of Extensions that I cannot do without when developing for the web or simply browsing around;


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