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Apple pages are falling apart in Firefox

Update: before you read further it's confirmed that it's only happening with me, so you can stop reading. Sorry!

Another rant and I promise that will be it for a while. I'm disappointed to see that's new product pages are literally falling apart in Firefox. What is going on? Anybody knows? I heard Apple is slowly moving to a new publishing system, hopefully this is not the first sign of such a move.

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New Tab shortcut

I know this is a basic tip, but every second person in my office was unaware of it and they encouraged me to post it as something very useful. So here it goes.

This works in most browsers that support tabbed browsing. To create a new tab you can press Apple-T (Cmd-T) and to open a link from an existing page in a new tab you can hold Apple (Cmd) and click.

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Get the Firefox search plugin

firefox search plugin

With two thousand entries and at least twice as many interesting and useful comments we've got many questions answered on creativebits.

To make searching through the content easier I've added a Firefox search plug-in that you can install with a click of a button to your browser to have it handy at any time. You can find the link for the install at the end of the sidebar on the home page.

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Firefox ads lame?

Funny Firefox ads
I have to give credit to whoever created these ads. They are great viral tools and I'd like to do my part in creating hype around them, because the more people use Firefox the better for all parties. Even MS wouldn't mind I guess, since they are not making money selling IE. So kudos, good job! However, I guess there is always room for improvement.

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Speed up Firefox

This tip will speed up your Firefox significantly, but will mainly work for broadband users. To achieve this speed increase you need to alter certain settings of Firefox to speed up page requests and the amount of time the browser waits before it acts on information it receives. To edit these preferences you need to open the configuration page of Firefox by typing the following into the address bar:

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Make your Firefox sexy

Make your firefox HTML code widgets, such as radio buttons, input buttons and drop down menus as sexy as they are in Safari.

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Firefox is not a fox

It's a Chinese name for a Panda.

It looks like Mozilla's Firefox will reach one million downloads within two weeks. Currently 58% of the visitors to this site is using Safari, 20% IE and 1% OmniWeb. Firefox has grown from 12% to 17% in the last three month.

Red panda, lesser panda
Ailurus fulgens

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Time to try Firefox

Safari is a great browser, but Firefox is even better. Both browsers give a better surfing experience than Internet Explorer, but Firefox is really pushing the limits. It supports all the standrads and it's fast. (BTW, if you can't see the png image on the right, you might be using IE).


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