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What type are you?

Check out Pentagram's promotional microsite What type are you, which tells you just that, what typeface fits best your personality. You just need to answer four questions to get your typographic profile.

You can also check out how many people are like you?

I'm Universal, how about you?

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Get a Simple Desktop

A nice and simple desktop is not only inspiring but helps you find your files quickly too. I recommend you change it regularly to keep your screen fresh. Here are a couple of great desktops from Simple Desktops.

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The Small World of Slinkachu

One of the classic techniques of artists and designers is to play with the sense of scale of the viewer. Radically enlarging or shrinking all or part of a work can capture attention and focus it to achieve different objectives. I recently came across the street art of London-based Slinkachu, a former art director who now creates tiny scenarios in public places, then photographs and abandons them—to be discovered by no-doubt bemused passers-by.

His work is part of Beyond the Street: The 100 Leading Figures in Urban Art, a compendium of street art recently published by gestalten, which also hosts a recent interview with him. I was intrigued enough that I clicked through to Slinkachu's site, with some of my favorites shown below.

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Cannes Lions 2010 Winners

The Cannes Lions 2010 Awards are being announced. I'll be collecting and displaying the winners on Ads of the World and you can also see them on the official site too.

Cannes Lions 2010 Winners on AotW
Cannes Lions Official site

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3D Typography: Beyond the Page and Screen

Excerpted from 3D Typography (Mark Batty Publisher)
By Jeanette Abbink and Emily CM Anderson


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Applegirl002 goes pro

Tuaw and many other sites reported that the Korean girl known as applegirl002 playing on iPhones got a pro record deal after she accumulated more than 4 million views on YouTube. See the videos below.


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