Combining animation, video and live performance is tricky enough that artists rarely tackle it. But Los Angeles-based animator, designer and multimedia artist Miwa Matreyek seems to have come up with a compelling mix in the form of This World Made Itself, which she’ll be performing February 7-9 at the The Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater (REDCAT) in Los Angeles, along with her earlier Myth and Infrastructure.

The artist’s bio indicates that ‘She is interested in the slippery meeting point of cinema and theater/performance, the moments of convergence where fantastical illusions are created, and the moments of divergence where the two struggle against each other.’This World Made Itself is thus a solo performance that combines projected animation with Matreyek’s real-time silhouette, in a piece that traces the history of the earth from its inception until our own era. Looks epic!

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