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What do YOU see?

Old woman or young lady?Young Woman or Old?
That depends on your interpretation. Young people tend to see a young girl; older people, an elderly lady. With effort, you can switch from one to the other: the young woman's chin becomes the old woman's nose; the old woman's mouth, a band on the neck of the young woman.
By American psychologist E.G. Boring

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Show off your talent this winter

It is that time of the year. Fresh powder during the day and fresh ideas on your Mac during the night. It's the perfect time to show off your graphic design talent.

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Fonts in the news... paper that is

A recent study by Ascender Corp. found that the 10 most popular typeface families used on the front page of newspapers are: Franklin Gothic, Poynter, Futura, Helvetica, Century, Utopia, Times, Nimrod, Bureau and Interstate. Many of these typefaces were designed specifically for newspapers - the letterforms include features for legibility that address the challenges of reproduction on newsprint.

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A tribute to logos

Some great logos are not in use anymore. Logo R.I.P. is project that pays tribute to discontinued logos.

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All you need to know about corporate identity design

Check out - a new magazine about corporate identity documentation, corporate design manuals and styleguides. It has just started and they promise to have a lot of content soon! Give them encouragament.

Here is a related post about logos.

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Anyone with a computer can call themselves a graphic designer?

I'd like to congratulate the winners of the The 2004 Adobe Design Achievement Awards. For me the most interesting was the work of the print category first place winner G. Dan Covert from the California College of the Arts. He was looking for the reasons why our profession, Graphic Design is not appreciated.

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Must visit Mac blogs

Must visit Mac blogs.

Special welcome to the people coming over from Macsurfer, as the top referrer to CreativeBits! I visit Macminute for my news, but here are some related blogs that are definitely worth at least one click:

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What inspires you?

I get inspiration from number of things, but I can easily identify one area that clearly gives me a lot of inspiration. Nature. But not the romantic kind with sunsets and beaches. I'm very much inspired by the scientific approach to nature. How it works, the variety of forms and textures it presents.


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