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Pentawards 2012 Packaging Design Award Winners

The Pentawards has as its mission the global promotion of packaging design. Brigitte Evrard, Pentawards co-founder, states that: "Packaging design is a very demanding and difficult discipline, as it is subject to the laws of a market more and more focused on cost reduction and short-term profitability. Packaging designers must often do a lot with a little. The goal of the Pentawards is to reward designs originating from all markets, from mass-market to luxury."

To facilitate this, the awards are structured in five broad categories—Food, Beverages, Body, Other Markets and Luxury—that group together a large number of sub-categories. An international jury composed of professionals from packaging design and marketing, as well the Pentawards chairman, recently bestowed the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Pentawards to the winners in Paris. The Diamond Pentaward, for Best of Show, was won by Turner Duckworth (London & San Francisco), for the design of Diet Coke, shown above. The Platinum winners are displayed below, with the complete roster of winners available on the Pentawards site.

Best of the Category Beverages
Brand: Nescafe – My Cup
Entrant: Phoenixcom
Country: South Korea

Best of the Category Food
Brand: Eggs for Soldiers
Entrant: Springetts Brand Design Consultants
Country: United Kingdom

Best of the Category Body
Brand: ETUDE HOUSE – Hands up deodorant/depilatory
Entrant: Etude
Country: South Korea

Best of the Category Other Markets
Brand: Fisherman – Rubber boots
Entrant: Good!
Country: Kazakstan

Best of the Category Luxury
Brand: Bardot – Luxury ice cream bars
Entrant: Landor Associates San Francisco
Country: USA

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Love the boots and Luxe.

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The boots are awesome as a creative outlet and marketing scheme but why on earth would you want a box for them? I've never seen rubber boots packaged this way (not to say it isn't done foreign to where I shop but it seems redundant for the environmental footprint it creates).

Art D. Rector's picture
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Environmental FOOTprint. I get it. :-)

Seriously, judging by the way the boots extend out of the top they must need extra space and possibly extra packaging when they move large quantities of the boots as well.

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