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Mailbox: Put email in its place

What is Mailbox?
Mailbox is the inbox reinvented for a world on the go.

It’s how email on the phone should work: Mailbox checks your email from the cloud and delivers it to your phone with lightning-fast performance. A colorful swipe-based UI makes processing a delight. And unique “snooze buttons” let you put off messages until later.

Mailbox makes getting to zero—and staying there—a breeze. After you experience a clean inbox, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

When will it be available?
Currently in limited beta, Mailbox is coming to the App Store in 2013.

Can I try it before its available to the public?
Send your name and the email address you use for Testflight to and we’ll get you on the waitlist. No promises, though—it’s challenging to beta-test iPhone apps in large numbers.

Is it free or a paid app?
Paid. Price not available yet.

Where did Mailbox come from?
It’s the newest product from team that built the award-winning iPhone app Orchestra To-Do. More.

What platforms does Mailbox support?
Mailbox is currently for iPhone and Gmail/Google Apps. We’ll be adding support for other devices and other email providers as we go.

Does Mailbox support multiple accounts?

Does support push notifications?

Is there a desktop version?
Mailbox syncs with Gmail. You can use the desktop app or web client that you already use today.

Is Mailbox secure?
Security is extremely important to us. We encrypt all communication to & from our app, and all information cached on our servers are stored in formats that aren’t human readable. More.

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holy crap. just by a few seconds of the video that LOOKS potentially awesome!

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the green/red/yellow collor choice make it googly boring...

yes I'm brazilian xD

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