Apple has once again pushed the envelope of innovation with iOS 17, revolutionizing the way we communicate with Messages by introducing a groundbreaking update to its sticker feature. The update brings a fresh and fun sticker experience to users, featuring emoji stickers, Live Stickers, and a central sticker drawer that streamlines the entire sticker usage and creation process.

Live Stickers: A Personalized Experience

One of the most exciting aspects of the update is the Live Stickers feature. With this, users can convert subjects from their photos or paused videos into dynamic stickers, offering a high level of customization and adding a touch of personality to their conversations.

To create a Live Sticker, simply scroll through your photos or Live Photos, select the subject you want to turn into a sticker, and voila! The system intelligently isolates the moving subject, converting it into a looping animated sticker. Further elevating the user experience, these stickers can also be enhanced with effects, making each sticker truly one of a kind.

Centralized Sticker Drawer

The centralized sticker drawer is another major improvement. This dedicated space houses all your Live Stickers, emoji, Memoji, and other sticker packs, ensuring easy access across all iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs, thanks to iCloud syncing. This means you can have all your favorite stickers right at your fingertips, no matter the device you’re using.

Visual Look-Up Improvements

With iOS 17, Apple also enhances the Visual Look Up tool, empowering users to garner more information about subjects cut out from their own photos, a feature introduced with iOS 16. Whether it’s pets, plants, or landmarks, you can “pick up” an object from a photo, transform it into an image, and paste it into a text message or any other application.

Contacts Poster: Personalize Your Calls

The new update brings a fun and personalized element to the Phone app too. With the Contacts Poster feature, users can attach emojis or images to specific contacts, creating a full-screen poster that appears when you call them. This new feature supports the same design language as the iOS 16 Lock Screen, allowing customization of contact posters with colors, fonts, and more. Notably, the Contacts Poster feature is compatible with third-party VoIP apps.

Stickers Across Applications

With the power of iOS 17, these personalized stickers aren’t just confined to iMessage. You can access and use them across various third-party apps, making every interaction lively and fun.

The iOS 17 sticker features promise to add a new dimension of creativity and personalization to your digital communication. Whether you’re sharing a laugh with a funny Live Sticker or expressing yourself through a unique emoji, these new features are bound to make your iOS experience more enjoyable.


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