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Best mouse for designers

World's first laser sensor gives 20 times more precision and works virtually on any surface. Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery is cost efficient, lighter and lasts longer. Gives you wireless freedom, but unfortunately it's not based on bluetooth technology. Apparently it's a good thing, because the radio in the Logitech MX1000 is superior than bluetooth, however I would love to have the basestation double as a bluetooth adaptor. The design is weird but ergonomic. I have an MX700, which is similar and it's great. Hopefully the MX1100 will have it all, plus the bluetooth. Can you beat that? Which mouse is the best for graphic design in your opinion?

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anything but a one button mouse!

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I prefer a mice without balls!

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why use a mouse when there are wacom styluses ;)

My preferred mouse was a logitech one, one of thier last design with a ball... its shape was the most ergonomic I've seen, and it ws super durable!

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true about the wacom table... wouldnt give that up for anything... but it's also just as important to have a good mouse. i use the Mx500 mouse from logitech... had it for about 2 years now.
next mouse i'm going for is deffinetly wireless... and bluetooth is the thing for me... use the built in BT in my 17" powerbook. that way i don't need any extra stuff plugged in.

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The best mouse for designers is not a mouse but a Wacom tablet. And, the "best mouse" would never need a battery! Batteries are lame. The Wacom tablet stylus is battery-free and gives you pressure sensitivity. You can't say that about this mouse. There is another designers' message board where they give this install advice for a tablet: "Plug in tablet. Put mouse in drawer."

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What I really want is a plain old 3 button mouse with no scroll wheel, that would make it a lot easier to use apps like Maya that use the middle button extensively. I have an ancient Logitech ADB mouse with no scroll wheel, dating back to the days when only Unix geeks used 3 buttons, and the scroll wheel didn't exist yet. I would use it with an ADB/USB converter but the design was terribly unergonomic and gave me wrist problems.

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I've tried both the BT 500 and MS BT Intellimouse. I'm afraid that they both leave me wanting something more.

The BT 500 is great for travel with your PB/iBook, but it has a quirk where now and again the cursor will jump to the corner of the screen without any movement of the mouse. It also loses its connection if not used for over a minute.

The MS mouse is nearly right, but it lacks an on/off switch to save battery power. I've also grown accustomed to other MS mice that have the sideways scrolling wheel with smooth roll. I like that much more than the click wheel.

If the MX1000 had been Bluetooth, it might have been the winner.

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"True Designers" beware! There is a dangerous trade off here for the convenience of cordless technology. While logitech states that the connection is as fast as USB YOU WILL notice the evils of mouse lag. If you are a die-hard designer focused on mousing percision you will find the MX-1000's lag issues hard to overcome (as much as you'll try to ignore them). I'm taking my MX1000 back to the store after test driving it for two weeks in exchange for the much more responsive corded MX-510. If logitech comes out with a corded version of the MX-1000 then I may reconsider.

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20 times more precision don't mean anything if there is a lag really. I'm using 3 years old microsoft and logitech optical mouses.There is a lag when using selection tool in photoshop and it ruins the job. Can someone test mx1000 drawing or selecting anything with very very slow movement to see if there is a lag?

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