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Clear images for identity design

It's always a good idea to present your logo and identity design pasted on objects. Also, when you prepare the graphic design guidelines you may want to include realistic looking mock-ups to present the artwork.

Here is a great collection of more than 200 clear images from diegomattei to help you with these tasks. Just apply your graphics on these surfaces with the layer option multiply and see how the identity instantly comes alive.

The collection includes the following categories:


Download clear stationery images 6.9MB.


Download clear packaging images 16.5MB.

Corporate gifts

Download clear corporate gift images 12.7MB.


Download clear multimedia images 7.3MB.

Outdoor advertising

Download clear outdoor advertising images 11.4MB.

Please only download below only what you really need to save bandwidth!

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Hi there, great post - however the outdoor advertising and the corporate identity package links are broke and lead to page not found. Is there anyway to get the corrected links? Thanks for the great resource!



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Fixed it.

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An interesting resource... but I was a bit thrown the further into Multimedia collection I got. It starts predictably enough with CDs and DVDs, but takes a turn into the past when you get to the the images of... cassette and VHS tapes, a CRT monitor, an old black G3 PowerBook and a blank window from Internet Explorer for Macintosh (in German). Not a complaint, just an unexpected trip down Technological Nostalgia Lane.

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lovely stuff.
but the link to outdoor advertising is dead..

are the images yours? or who owns them? might want to use them some day in the future and it would be great to know who to get permission from. ;)

cheers and thanks.

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diegomattei argentina distributes them, but their site is dead.

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280 pencils

Thanks Ivan, just doing a mail out, so will come in handy!

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Thank you for this great post, Ivan. These templates will come in handy for client conceptualization.


"Art -- the one achievement of Man which has made the long trip up from all fours seem well advised." - James Thurber

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1 pencil

Never thought about this before. I like it

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Thanks for the great post Ivan! These are great.

Very Respectfully,

-Where did the fedoras go?

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3951 pencils

Can you say, 'bookmarked'! Thanks Ivan.

Powerpoint is not a design application

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The business cards appear to not be the common U.S. size of 2x3.5. I think they are the european sizing...

Does anyone know where I can find a collection like this that is sized for the U.S.?

ald's picture
62 pencils

I've found that some of the images are elongated, or at least thats how it seemed. When I stretched the collateral image so that the paper fit an 8.5x11 ratio, the business card and envelope lined up as well.

Very Respectfully,

-Where did the fedoras go?

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you made my night. thank you!

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22 pencils

Great resource, downloading a few now to check out. Thanks!

Rob C's picture
5 pencils

and thanks again!

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Are there any general tutorials anywhere on how best to utilise images like this for the beginner in Photoshop - I reckon I've the know how in Illustrator but I only have a basic understanding of Photoshop!


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Could you please add or post under what kind of License do you release this wonderful (!) collection?

greetings felix

Anonymous's picture

MASTER!! A LOT OF THNX... i was seeking 4 this kind of picts... you´ve save my life!!

G3CreativeSolutions's picture
4 pencils

Anything that saves some time is pretty handy.

I could have done with a selection of Vans as I am now working on livery.


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