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Getting Lucky with CMYK

Despite every precaution and the expertise of those involved, there's always a certain amount of chance involved when full-color publications hit the press. And there's nothing quite like that sickening feeling when you realize that the beige you so carefully chose was rendered with pink overtones. But now you can try your luck with process color without risking your client's money or your reputation, thanks to CMYK playing cards from the Hundred Million site.

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These seem more for novelty rather than use. I have a full CMYK colour books for my accuracy, divided by colour rainbow-style. Either way when you go to press you're taking a gamble because paper and ink types create variances in the publications. Your C 20% M 60% Y 5% K 10% might not be the same as another printers/ the proofing you have in your hands. It usually gets you close, but not exact.

That aside, I love the idea- really cool!

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They should have made the poker chips CMYK too.

Don't think they're of much use when it comes to printing - but they would be fun for playing cards. Especially with industry people.

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