PDF presentations are becoming more and more popular. I guess it’s nicer to send one complete PDF file to client that is put in order rather than sending a bunch of individual jpegs.

If you have your jpegs ready there is a very quick and easy way to put them into a PDF file using Photoshop. Open all the files. Select File/ Automate/ PDF Presentation. You will have an option to include all open files on the very top of the window, switch it on.

Now, drag around the files names in the window to put the images in order.

You can select from the options to have a simple multi page document or a slideshow with transition and timing. The latter is great for porfolios, but will only display properly if your client is using Acrobat Reader. Otherwise it will be a simple multi-page document.

In the next dialog window you will have many options. One useful feature is to give a password to protect the document. Unfortunately this feature makes the document lose its thumbs in Preview.


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