Von Glitschka is a talented illustrator, with more more than a few well-known names amongst his clients. But times are tough all over. Hence the launch of his recent initiative, 5ive Minute Logo. What’s it all about? In his words: “Why shouldn’t logo design be instantly gratifying? It should be! Life’s too short to waste time on complex and costly logo design projects. I’ve solved this problem while making the whole process fast and easy!” Well, thank goodness for that. Given the bleak economic climate, I guess we should anticipate more initiatives like this in 2013.

The only thing that makes me wonder is an item in the FAQ — Question: ‘What if I don’t like what you do?’ Answer: ‘We already know you’re a cheap-ass so more than likely you won’t like our idea. Life is full of gambles though so live on the edge, toss your 5ive spot in the ring and lets rock and roll!’ Hmm, that’s blunt but he does have a point.

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