When using graphics in the graphic design industry, there are some do’s and don’ts that we hope you will follow. These graphics, including clipart images, illustrations and icons we will give examples of in this article, are neither ‘good or bad’, but are typically the most overused in today’s designs.

We Know You Love Them, But Please Don’t Overuse Them

The good old heart design is easily the most used symbol in design. Made famous by Milton Glaser’s I Heart NY layout, the heart can now be located all over the internet. The heart symbol has been used as a symbol to refer to the spiritual, emotional, moral, and in the past, intellectual core of a human being and is the most well-known symbol to represent love.

On the other ends of the scale, we have the infamous head or skull design. The skull is a sign of fatality as well as rebellion. This image seems to have gotten itself onto numerous garments and songs relevant styles, in addition to being found all over the internet.

Wings are found very commonly in tattoo layouts, as well as commonly made use of in combination with heads or crests. The use of wings in design is usually used to portray freedom as people associate wings with angels and birds. Wings also have the underlying values of hope, speed, elevation, enlightenment, guidance, protection, and inspiration.

Wikipedia defines Heraldry as the “practice of creating, presenting, defining, and taping coats of arms as well as badges. The beginnings of heraldry depend on the requirement to differentiate individuals in combat when their faces are hidden by iron as well as steel helmets.” Maybe this is why crests show up so commonly in layouts, they distinguish one from another.

Decorative arrowheads appear to make their way right into several designs without genuine demand. They do, however, make you look where the arrowhead is directing as well as offer a sense of movement to a style. Even with that being said, you don’t need to use them to show motion throughout your website or design layout.

The last image that web designers see far too many times are city horizons. City horizons are normally really complex so this is a clever and also straightforward technique used in layouts to give the place of the scene without making the layout also intricate which is why it utilized so commonly.

Be Creative, We Are Begging You!

The bottom line that we are trying to get at is that by detailing these overused aspects and designs, is to attempt to motivate individuals to make use of these results in a manner that matches the layout, not even if they are available. Be imaginative and creative, while constantly making an informed choice in your layouts. Use visual assets from stock resources, like Ouch, Dreamstime, or LibreStock. They offer many illustrations, photos, and clipart images for free. For example, all these phone clipart, healthy food illustrations, or light bulb clipart are royalty-free and can be used in both commercial and non-commercial projects. Attempting to be imaginative and distinct while preserving as much simplicity as possible is one of the hardest points for various designers, to master. This holds specifically true for logo layout, where the required simpleness makes the dungeon of cliches easy to fall into. Yet, when it comes to logos or images, please do not go there.


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