That’s right, today is the birthday of the King of Pop, that master shapeshifter who spent his career exploring the intersection of popular culture, art and commerce. Mostly commerce, it would seem, since last year he remained the top-selling artist at auction. Sales of his work hit $381 million, with the wily old master Pablo Picasso coming in a close second at $370 million, trailed by Gerhard Richter, whose dour opus inexplicably found buyers willing to shell out $299 million. Yup, that adds up to a cool billion. Crisis, what crisis? For you and me maybe but apparently not for the happy few. Oh well, no point being bitter. Of the three, Warhol was by far the most amusing (I think in particular of his urine paintings), so why not join in the festivities by using EarthCam to experience live views of the exhibits inside The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Nothing happening, you say? Boring? Ha! You have obviously not experienced Warhol’s epic Sleep movie, which consists of five hours of someone sleeping. Try sitting through that.

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