Sure, times are still tough and the forces of neoliberal capitalism continue to run roughshod over the planet. But is that any reason to despair? I should say not. After all, the good guys are still out there beavering away on projects of benefit to the common good. Case in point is The Noun Project, which is dedicated to ‘building a global visual language that everyone can understand.’

The focus here is on symbols, which have the potential to ‘transcend cultural and language barriers.’ In fact, the project has as its goal ‘to create a social language that unites the world.’ No less than that! You can benefit from this utopian approach by downloading the free icon sets on the project’s site. And of course there’s always the possibility for further engagement, if the siren song of changing the world through design is one you can’t resist. The clip below provides some background on this worthy initiative.

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