As the image demonstrates for most people the Samsung Galaxy S3 needs two hands and Apple iPhone 5 needs just one hand.

You can of course perform basic operations with one hand on the S3 as well like answering a call, but if you need to reach and tap on the full screen you will probably hold the device in one hand and tap with the other. People with unusually large hands or long thumb fingers will be able to reach the whole screen using just one hand, but for the most of us it’s a two hand device for most situations.

The iPhone 5 can be operated by holding it in your palm and using your thumb on the same hand to tap. This is great if your other hand is occupied by doing something important like holding your child’s hand, grabbing on to a handle on a bus, carrying a bag or writing a note. This is especially true for ladies with smaller hands in average.

The iPhone 5 ironically gives you true multitasking with your two hands being able to perform two different operations at the same time.

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