McCann creative Mat Bisher is conducting an “experiment” as he calls it that’s a reaction to Apple’s lack of Flash support and a message to Steve Jobs all in one. Here’s Bisher’s explanation:

“I, like many agency creatives, have designed my site using Flash, and as we all know, Apple’s iPads and iPhones are not Flash supported thanks to Mr. Jobs.
It dawned on me that there was a great opportunity for messaging in a space that wasn’t being used. I have used “Flash Sniffers” in the past on other sites I have designed, but had not put one on my personal site. The way they traditionally function is to detect if the browser has Flash or not, and if not there is usually a simple message asking the user to download Flash. Well, since that is a complete waste of time with iPads and iPhones (since Flash isn’t supported and can’t be downloaded) I decided to use the untapped digital space to spread a message, and hopefully get others to do the same.”

The message can be found at this site which includes the playful image and copy above as well as a link to download a .zip file of the SOS error message.

Via: AgencySpy


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