Safari and Firefox is the most known browsers for Mac, but there are many more out there. Give them a try and feel free to add more if I missed something?


Comes with OS X. Currently at version 4 it’s one of the fastest browsers out there, which can tackle almost anything you throw at it. It syncs with your iPhone unlike other browsers.


Firefox’s advantage is the hundreds of extensions which allow you to customize your browser to your exact needs. Flash runs on FF a little slower than other browsers.


Opera is the most feature full and advanced browsers out there. It’s really fast and has visual tabs, which is great if you have a large screen. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go. You may stick with it.


Chrome is the browser from Google and the Mac version is not very stable yet. But when it works it’s really fast and has a lot of small innovative features.


Flock is a specialized social browser based on the Mozilla Gecko engine. If you’re into the social media you must give this one a try.


Cruz is another social browser which allows you to browse multiple pages in split view. You can load pages into two side windows by simply dragging the links into them. Great for wide-screens.


Camino is an OS X only web browser that tries to make the best of OS X. It’s very fast and the interface is really simple and easy to use.


OmniWeb has been optimized for OS X and it features a couple of cool functions not available on other browsers. It’s most notable feature was the tabs with thumbnails, which is now being replicated by other browsers too.


Shiira is a Japanese open source browser based on Webkit. It features an innovative interface and a couple of unique features. It’s fun, but not ready for serious work just yet.


Sunrise is also based on Webkit and it’s main advantage is it’s speed. It has a couple of unique features. Again, good initiative, but ready for serious use.


Seamonkey tries to be a full featured browsers, which does more than just web. It includes email, newsgroup client, html editor, IRC chat and development tools.


iCab is a shareware browser with features not available in other browsers. It’s been around longer than most browsers, but I don’t really see why would anyone pay 20 bucks for it.


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