Have you ever been frustrated, because you couldn’t do a certain file operation because of permissions? If you don’t feel like using the Terminal for such task, but rather prefer the Finder, you can create a root user that is a System Administrator account that will allow you to do anything on your computer. However, be aware that this freedom comes with dangers!

To enable a root user in Panther you just need to find the Applications/Utilities/Netinfo Manager and select the Security/Enable Root User menu point. You will be asked to give a root user account password.

Now, you can log out and log back in as a root. In case you can’t type in ‘root’ as your user, you need to go the System Preferences/Accounts/Login Options (marked with a little home icon) and select Display Login Window as Name and password. You might also want to Enable fast user switching.

Warning! You can harm your System when you are logged in as root if you change your System file structure. Also, for safety log out from your root account once you’re done.

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