Explosion poofIf you’re sick of the cartoon like animation when you drag out an item from your dock you can replace it. Choose and download any animation that fits your taste. To install any of these animations you will need to replace the following file: /System /Library /CoreServices /Dock.app /Contents /Resources /poof.png on your system. Make sure you are not looking in the Library under your username. Once you find the dock application you will need to Ctrl-click it and select Show Package Contents from the contextual menu to open up the application. When you locate the poof.png file copy it somewhere safe, so that you can go back to default if you decide so. Rename your downloaded poof file to poof.png if it’s not already called that way and drag it into the Resources folder to replace the default file. You’ll need to choose Authenticate and give your admin password to be able to make changes in this folder. You don’t need to restart your dock, you’ll have your new animation right away. Try it: drag a file next to your Trash icon and drag it out to see the animation.

You can design your own poof animation based on the one you downloaded. You just need to maintain the 128x128px size and the structure of frames under each other.

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