After much consideration of your kind opinions about the layout of this web site, I decided to change very little for now. It’s a known fact that PC monitors are a bit darker than Mac monitors, and some Windows users complained that the contrast of the type is too small on the dark gray background, however at least as many readers complimented on it, because it’s easier on the eyes. I added the checkered stripes that compliment the theme of bits (pixels) and reminds me of Formula 1 decoration to emphasize that CreativeBits is all about speed and efficiency. I also, changed some other small details, that hopefully make the site cleaner. One thing that I’m having a bit of trouble with is the language, since I’m not a native English speaker, but hopefully you can make out what I’m trying to say. Also, at last I managed to set up the google ad to display targeted ads, not just public service ads, so don’t forget to click away on those sponsors.

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