This is a collection of 10 useful tips to help you make your work more productive and easier. Many of them are for advanced users so I will not cover all the details on how to use specific functions in Photoshop. Anyway, I think these tips are easy to follow.

1.Copy layer mask from one layer to another: In CS select layer mask (not layer thumbnail) and with layer without mask selected drag mask to layer mask icon at the bottom of layer’s palette. In CS2, just Option + drag layer mask to layer without mask

2.Zoomed mask: Option/Alt + click on layer mask

3.Smaller grid in Curves: Option/Alt + click on the grid

4.Preview adjustments: do some adjustments (for example Levels) and then uncheck preview. Now, use spacebar to toggle between before and after. If you decide to make more adjustments you have to place check mark and to use spacebar again. If you just press spacebar after second adjustment but without placing check mark you will close adjustment window.

5.Place type in center of the document: with type layer selected go Edit – Select all, Edit – Copy. Edit – Paste. You will get new rasterized layer in center. Hide original layer just in case you latter on change your mind about font. This tip also works with layer’s content.

6.Keep metadata intact: With save for a web your metadata will be lost. Use regular save as… to keep metadata intact.

7.Remove color cast: Busy people should try with new Photo filter adjustment layer. Select first filter and then look in white or neutral parts of the image while switching from one filter to another using up and down keys on keyboard. You can always fade filter effect by lowering opacity of the layer.

8.Color correction by Levels, Curves: If you are just correcting color with adjustments on each channel then set blending mode of Levels, Curves layer to Color. This will avoid posterization.

9.Stop loading Plug-ins you never use: Go to your installation folder and place “~” (tilde) before folder, file types or filters you never use. Examples: ~Digimarc, or before extensions like ~PCX, ~pixar. Your Photoshop should load faster.

10.Apply layer mask on layer with Unsharp mask or High pass applied: Click on layer mask icon at the bottom of layer’s palette. Press D. Paint skin of people or other areas with soft brush and with opacity to your choice. This will preserve native blur and will not popup noise in undesirable areas of the image.


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