TUAW reports that the GIMP team now provides an official DMG installer. To install Gimp on your Mac you no longer need X11. Just download it, open the downloaded DMG and drag ‘GIMP.app’ into your ‘Applications’ folder.

Gimp is an open source image editor and is quite powerful with many features. Unfortunately the current first version is not even comparable to Photoshop. If you close the default welcome window when starting the app it immediately crashes. Overall the app’s interface is hard to get used to. It doesn’t look like a native OS X app. The application itself is slow to open and operate even on fast Macs. It can open Photoshop files, but it can not save them into Photoshop format. You have to use the GIMP format to save your work. Overall the app needs lots of work to be a serious contender to Adobe’s Photoshop or to cheaper image editing solutions available in the Mac App Store.

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