With Photoshop’s layering attribute, you can composite separate photos together for a number of purposes. If you wish to learn about how to insert an image into Photoshop, then continue reading. 

For instance, you can add your business’s logo design as a watermark on top of a product image, or you can deal with multiple graphics to develop unique effects that will certainly get hold of an audience’s interest. If you already have a photo that you would love to utilize in your Photoshop project, include it as a new layer.

In order to this, drag and go down the new image right into the Photoshop window. You can click the “Submit” selection, click “Open,” to select the picture documents. Next, you can click the “Open” switch. Press the “Go into” trick to validate and include the photo as a new layer. If you included the wrong picture to the task, press the “Escape” trick to change.

Once it remains with the other images, drag to move the layer order or use cmd/ctrl right/left square to move a layer up or down (after opening any kind of background layer with a click on the lock sign in the layers panel). 

With these tips on how to insert an image into Photoshop, you can add multiple images to any project you are working on.


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