If you are eager to learn how to rotate text in photoshop, here are the steps listed below.

You can begin by opening the Photoshop application, adding the photo or text that you intend to turn. Next, you have to click the text layer from the panel at the ideal side of the window. Click on the option you would like at the top of the window, then select among the provided rotation options.

If you wish to turn your message layer by a different amount than the choices available there, you can make use of the Free transform tool instead. To utilize this device you must click on top of the home window, then press on your keyboard to apply the turning result. After you have successfully rotated your message to the specifications you desire, you will still be able to use the rotation tool to make modifications to the message on each layer.

As with any type of modification that you make in Photoshop, you can use your key-board to reverse the last change if you do not like it.

Now that you have the steps needed to learn how to rotate text in Photoshop, you can begin to edit.


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