Have you ever wondered how to use the paint bucket tool, in Photoshop? This Paint Bucket Tool in Photoshop fills up surrounding pixels that are similar in color with the pixels you choose. It will fill up these pixels with either the picked foreground shade or with a pattern you choose.  

Here are the simple steps to learn how to use the paint bucket tool on Photoshop.

 To utilize the Paint Container Device in Photoshop, click the “Repaint Container Device” in the Toolbox. In the Tool Options Bar, select a button to set the kind of fill used by this tool. The fill defaults to using the “Foreground shade fill.” If you select “Pattern fill,” after that utilize the “Pattern” drop-down to the right to select which pattern to use. Next off, for either fill kind, make use of the “Opacity” slider to set the openness percentage for the fill.2

A lower number just fills up colors in the photo very similar in shade to the pixels you select. A greater number picks a broader series of similarly-colored pixels in the image. After that, you can use the “Mode” drop-down menu to choose a mixing mode to utilize for the fill. 

In the next section, if the “All Layers” checkbox is checked, the fill influences the shade chosen in all layers.

You can make certain the fill has smoother contours, versus jagged ones, by examining the “Anti-aliasing” checkbox. To select just pixels in the tolerance range defined that adjoin the pixels you click, check the “Adjoining” checkbox. After you have applied the fill, move your mouse over the pixels in the image that are the shade you desire, to replace with your presently selected fill.


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