If you’re not using FreshBooks for your creative invoicing you’re probably missing out. FreshBooks provides simple web based (so called cloud) accounting with many powerful features. My favorites are the custom branding of invoices, automatic billing for clients on a long term contract, time tracking, physical mailing option for those old school clients who still need paper invoices and the online payment option for clients.

Now FreshBooks has a brand new iPhone app too, which allows you to take pictures of receipts and attach them to projects so you can include them in your invoices to your clients later.

Best of all if you only have 3 clients or less you can use it free. If you have more clients you can get packages from $20/month. If you decide to try it for free for 30 days sign-up with my referral code or just go to freshbooks.com.

If you have experience with FreshBooks or use a different solution let me know in comments.

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