If like me, you are still in the throes of playing with the possibilites of your bluetooth phone, you may be interested in controlling your Mac in new ways.

There are a number of tools out there for turning your bluetooth phone into a control device. The upside to this method is that it’s entirely free. The downside is this method works only for the following SE Bluetooth phones Z800, S700, K700 and K750i.
When I first got my k750i, I discovered there was a remote control feature for any paired bluetooth device. While this works in principle it wasn’t working 100% with iTunes , DVD Player and Keynote, the three apps I would consider using with a remote control. Easy to fix that though.

A quick trip to the Sony Ericsson website uncovered a tool for mapping keyboard shortcuts to the phone keypad.

1.Download the Sony Ericcson Bluetooth Remote Control Tool from http://developer.sonyericsson.com/site/global/docstools/misc/p_misc.jsp
2.Open up the keyboard shortcuts window for the app of your choice
3.Fill in the required panels with the appropriate shortcuts
4.Save the keypad shortcuts file as something like iTunes.hid
The Bluetooth HID (Human Interface Device) profile is built on the USB (Universal Serial Bus) HID standard. Bluetooth mouse devices, keyboards and other devices for computer remote control can be developed using this standard.
5.Transfer it using Bluetooth File Exchange to the phone. You will be asked to accept it and if you now want to use it .
6.If you want to tweak it further you can extract the PNG file used as the remote control faceplate and tweak it to something more Mac like.

I made up a few examples hid files for iTunes, DVD player and Keynote with some appropriate faceplates. You can tweak the buttons or make new png faceplates if you like the buttons in a different configuration. These have only been tested with 10.4.1 but work without a hitch.


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