Do you love having fun outdoors on a sunny day? Do you enjoy swimming at the beach with your family and friends? If so, then say «thank you». Yes, you should thank the Lord for the existence of the Sun. Without the sunlight, Earth would be an entire continent covered in snow and ice. No plants, no animals, and no even you and me.

So, you have to draw a sun clipart with no doubt. A bright, sunny day is the perfect occasion for your child to draw if he or she likes to craft on iPad or smartphone. There are a lot of apps that let your child draw a sun clipart online, like Procreate, Canva and Bazaart. In this lesson, we’ll mainly focus on Bazzart. It’s a popular app that has thousand of followers on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. So, you already know about htis tool. The Sun itself offers favorable shapes and lines that your kid can readily use to get started. This drawing lesson is so easy that your kid will create a sun clipart in a few minutes. These easy steps will help them to enjoy drawing and even become a graphic designer in the future.

You can search for inspiration for your future drawing in Ouch’s sun clipart collection. Find them here.

Step 1: Create Circle Guides for your future sun’s illustration

Let’s create your favorite animal, a cute panda with black and white fur. First thing to do is to create a simple circle in the center of the artborad.

drawing sun clipart

Afterward, let’s draw a smaller circle within that circle. These will turn into guides for our Sun clipart drawing.

Step 2: Add Eye Guides to your sun clipart

Within the circles inside the other circle that we have drawn previously, it’s time to draw the Sun’s eyes. It’s important to make sure that the left circle is smaller than the right one to make our sun clipart look funnier. Fun is never enough, right?

drawing sun clipart

Step 3: Make the Eyes of the sun look more realistic

Let’s finish the eyes of your sun clipart by drawing two smaller circles inside the previous ones. Color the upper margin with a pencil and then eliminate the lower part of the circle to the place where the eyes look livelier. In between the eyes, draw a line converging at the left and right eye. Make it as curvy as you wish because it will become the smiling face of the sun. To add a smile is always a good idea!

drawing sun clipart

Moreover, you can browse a ready-made Bazaart’s collection of graphics, where you’ll also find some eyes and smile vector images for the sun clipart. And all of these images are complete free.

Step 4: Draw the Rays to the sun clipart

We’ve got to block these sunlight rays by drawing a zigzag line throughout the centre of the big circle and upward. Proceed by parabola-shaped line through the middle part of the big circle and draw it directly upward. Make sure you follow the complete shape as uniformly as you possibly can.

drawing sun clipart

And you’ll get the best ever illustration.

Step 5: Finish drawing the Rays

In this step, let s complete the big circle guide that have drawn in the first step. Choose the Bazaart’s eraser tool. Make sure to avoid the rays of the sun. Fun Fact: Did you know that the Sun is 93 million miles (150 million kilometers) from Earth. Wow! It is only so far away that it takes eight minutes for the Sun’s rays to reach Earth. So, your sun clipart should look pretty realistic.

Step 6: Finish Up!

We are just about finished with the drawing. Color your sun drawing yellow or orange. Add a background from the Bazzart’s stock photos collection.

drawing sun clipartThat was simple, correct? Congratulations on completing your sun clipart drawing. You got it!


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