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Free up space in your GMail account

GMail Trash iconGmail offers huge amount of free space for your email account, but if you frequently send and receive large files you can still run out of space. Here are few tips on what you can do to clean out emails with unneeded large attachments.

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New Google Bar is coming

The old dark grey Google bar is out and it will be soon replaced by a new thicker bar that is unified across all Google products.

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Google Apps for iOS

Most people don't realise how many of Google's services are available as apps for the iPhone and iPad. Using these apps you can get a snappier interface and usually more features compared to the browser based services. Here is a collection of the currently available apps in the iTunes App Store.

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New Gmail Coming Soon

The new Gmail is coming. Main features are the following:

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5 tools to speed up your Gmail

Gmail is great for the most part, but many claim it's not as fast as offline apps. Here are 5 tips that will make your Gmail significantly faster.

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ActiveInbox for Gmail help with project management

ActiveInbox brings simple and free GTD based project management for Gmail.

It's main feature is the ability to categorize emails as: Action, Someday, Waiting on. It also allows you to group emails into Projects. This functionality could theoretically be simulated with the built in labels, but it would not be so easy and elegant as with ActiveInbox.

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One gmail, many Twitter accounts

Most web services like Twitter for example require a unique email address for each account you create. What if you want to create two or more accounts, but only have (or want to use) one Gmail address?

You Gmail address has a unique feature. If you put a dot in between any of the letters within your id the email still arrives to the same mailbox. So for example if you email address is: all the below addresses are valid and will arrive to the same inbox:


You can use each to sign up for a different Twitter account and stay organized within one Gmail account.

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Insert images in GMail

gmail attach images

GMail Labs now offers embedding images into emails. Once you switch it on you will get a small picture icon in your toolbar. The interface is very similar to what you're used to in google sites. You can upload the files which appear as small thumbnails. Once you select the required image you have the option to resize them within your email message to thumbnail, medium, large and original dimensions.


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