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GMail custom theme with your own colors

If you're one of those who enjoy the gMail themes rolled out last November, but were missing the option to create your own theme, you'll be glad to find out that the new option to choose your own colors.

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Mailplane revisited

If you're a heavy gMail user you may want to try out Mailplane application. Besides the cool icon the application offers several productivity enhancements listed below in order of importance:

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Undo sending an email


If you use GMail or Google Apps email system you can take advantage of a new feature called "Undo Send" available under Settings / Labs.

If enabled, you can stop messages from being sent for 5 seconds after hitting the send button.

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Gmail – A New Order

Creating Hierarchy by Importance

About Starring Your E-mails

First of all, let’s get cleared what starring is good for. As in several fields of life, in e-mailing as well, people categorize stuff. Eg. you categorize music by genre, album, artist and even by popularity (manual or play count). You categorize files at work, you categorize letters at home, that’s why we have several drawers in our desks. But categorizing sometimes just makes a mess when you have something that could be put to category ‘A’ or category ‘B’. Of course labeling in the digital world offers a solution to that problem. The other problem, which I’m more interested in, is that there is always a category, that is signed by importance.

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Gmail and Google Apps is down

So far only the front end is affected, but judging by the twitter comments the problem is widespread. Both payed and free accounts are affected. IMAP for email and docs frontend still works, but Gears isn't. Google's official statement on Gmail Help:

Status Update

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Finally two way syncing between Google Calendar and Apple iCal

Thanks to Google you don't need complicated tools to set up two way syncing between iCal and Google Calendar anymore. In a few steps you can set up your online and offline calendars to display the same information.

Here are the 3 steps to take:

  1. Open the OS X Address book, find your own name and select the menu Card / Make This My Card. This is needed for the meeting invites.
  2. Download the setup tool Calaboration provided by Google and run it.
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GMail rolling out themes

theme 1

Google has been busy the past few weeks rolling out eye candy for their users. First they launched themes for iGoogle, then video chat for GTalk and now themes for GMail. They look pretty good and there is a good selection of minimalist, high contrast and illustrative themes. They even payed a lot of attention to elaborate footers. See a few more examples below.

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Emoticons in GMail? Oh, please no!

I don't hate emoticons in chat, it helps express emotions. Allows for sarcasm and fine tuning of your words. I don't like emoticons in forum topics. I do tend to hate them in email. And they certainly have no place in serious printed documents.

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Delete large attachments from Gmail

GMail Trash iconIf you use Gmail regularly the 6+GB space Google offers may not be enough and you may be running out of space, which will make your account stop working. To avoid this problem you may want to free up some space with these tips.

If you're still struggling to make enough space, you can use this ultimate and simple solution:


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