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iOS7 shows improvements over iOS6 in user experience

iOS7 improved on iOS6 in user experience tests according to Pfeffier' tests.

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I like it mostly.

The Calendar app is a monstrous improvement over the previous iteration, restricting default access to weekly views takes a page out of Fantastical's approach (and Cal, Any.Do's sister app).

The new way of killing app processes is much, much better.

The iconography seems disparate to me, though. Undirected. As though you had a room full of designers each applying their own sensibilities to the approach without a consistent baseline approach.

Color, also, is an issue. Bright/intense hues created by light emission (rather than reflective) is much harder on the eyes (not opinion, that - just fact).

There are a number of usability concerns for disappearing chrome (targeted specifically at Safari, here), but I like it provided the context of the chrome quickly becomes apparent by use. In this case, it does.

I did choose to turn off the parallax display as I found it saves battery life significantly, and I didn't find it to be particularly compelling (similar to the dock, I think - mostly a marketing design component rather than a real 'change the way I work' usable piece). That's not a bad thing, mind you; but it's something I would generally turn off since I'm a designer and visual cruft is not my thing. Also turned off Auto Update, another battery hog.

Another challenge is that a huge number of the apps I'm using have not upgraded to the visual approach iOS 7 takes - iBooks, Tweetbot (currently under revision), ICQ, Feedly, and, surprisingly, Flickr - it uses a unique tonal quality that, from a branding standpoint, does not work with the color scheme.

That said, the OS is surprisingly responsive on my 4s. I'd expect lag at this point from Apple, nudging me to upgrade to the more powerful processors.

Craig Michael Patrick

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i totally agree. i expected to hate it. and what i do hate - i hate passionately - like the color intensity and lack of or abundance of contrast that hampers legibility and haphazard iconography. but overall my 5 seems more responsive

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