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Humor is your savior

clientocopiaSometimes our job in advertising and design is really tough. Apparently advertising is the second most stressful profession, right after stock broker. On top of that there is a strong culture for poking each other. Creative poke client servicing, client servicing pokes creative. Clients poke everybody. Let's take a look at the bright side. If you have the "right" attitude this job can be fun.

Clientcopia was created to give you an escape. Take joy in knowing you are not alone. It's about stupid client quotes, like several years back I got a brief with this jewel: Target group: People. Wow! That's a surprise. :)

Thanks Cartmn101 for the link.

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This is an excellent site, just what I needed to see this morning as I'm currently dealing with a client that is a lot like a lot of those quotes.

I told the client that there would be a 10 business day turnaround for a job I sent to the printers on Friday. This morning I get an email: "Do you have my Business Cards?" and that's all that it said. Then the phone calls started...I needed a good laugh.

- Jeff

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EXACTLY what I needed to hear.

I'm going back to my rush-job-project-from-hell now.

Hee, hee.

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Omigosh this is great. I had a sales rep bring me a floppy today. "They think there is a pdf with the ad there." Sure right. I drag out the one external floppy drive and sure enough. 3 files, 1 a .doc 1 an .xls? and 1 in .wpd.

And my enduring favorite, here is an ad in pdf, can you change it from black & white to color?

I did this in Print Shop on a PC, just get those fonts and put them on your Macs. So finally we scanned his headline and then he got mad at the proof because he didn't think it matched his. Sheesh!
This is great. Thanks!

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the floppy thing happens to me all the time. they bring me a floppy and say 12 high-res images are on there. and i say, i don't have a floppy drive for the last 10 years, and 12 high res images wont fit on a 1.4MB floppy. they go like, i talk to someone else than!

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