To follow up on THIS TIP about drag & drop with InDesign – You can copy an Adobe Illustrator object from AI and paste it right into ID which makes it an InDesign object where you can color it, give it a stroke, or further adjust the bezier curves. ID will not however accept objects with a gradient, it just removes the gradient when you paste the path into your document. You just need to make sure that you have a few preferences set correctly.

ID_copy-paste_prefs.gifIn Adobe InDesign’s preferences, at the bottom of the General prefs you will find 3 check boxes.

Make sure that Prefer PDF When Pasting is NOT checked, Copy PDF to Clipboard IS checked, and Preserve Text Attributes When Pasting is NOT checked. We’re not done yet. Now we move on to the Illustrator portion.

AI_copy-paste_prefs.gifIn Adobe Illustrator’s preferences, at the bottom of the File Handling & Clipboard prefs panel, make sure the Copy As: prefs are as follows: PDF is NOT checked, AICB (no transparency support) IS checked and the radio button for Preserve Paths IS selected (these prefs will allow you to copy Illustrator objects from AI into ID and keep the paths editable).


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