Apple Maps is fast and beautiful, but it is not as up-to-date with points of interests as Google Maps and sometimes contains incorrect information too. However Apple is committed to get the maps better fast as Tim Cook expressed in his open letter on the subject.

If you want to make Apple Maps better for all users you can help too with a few taps on your iPhone. Open Apple Maps and click the curled up corner to open the application options. Find and tap the grey Report a Problem text link. On the next page you will be presented with several options that will allow you to report a problem and suggest a fix. You can report incorrect search results, incorrect street or other labels, missing locations, problems with directions and you can also select ‘The problem isn’t listed’ option which gives you a text field to give general comments.

In the example below I selected ‘Location is missing’, which allows adding points of interest that are not yet listed on Apple Maps. The app will give you a satellite view of your area and you can tap and hold to pin the correct location. Next you can give various details about the point of interest and send it to Apple. The other options work in a similar fashion.

According to reports certain corrections reported by iPhone users were applied within hours, others took over a day. I tested the reporting feature a few hours ago by adding a new gym that opened in the area, but it’s not yet visible on the map. I will update the post when it appears.

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