Within hours Apple will release iOS7 to the whole world all at once. Many want to get their hands on it right away. Here are 5 reasons why you should wait a few more days with the upgrade.

1. Even though Apple uses Akamai for their downloads, they usually can’t cope with millions of people downloading large files all at the same time. Save yourself the trouble of restarting the download several times and watching the progress bar crawl. By tomorrow the servers will be blazing fast.

2. There are always a few bugs in new software that only come out when the software is finally in the open. It’s better to wait another week until the first 7.0.1 bug fix version comes out for smooth sailing.

3. Most developers updated their apps to be fully iOS7 compatible, but you may be using an odd app that is critical to you and hasn’t been yet updated in some way. Wait for a few days until the developers catch up.

4. You have to back-up your iOS devices before upgrading just to be safe and that should take care of any issues, but there may be some unexpected kinks with the upgrade process that you will learn from the internet or friends in the coming days. Learn from other’s experience, save yourself the trouble.

5. Most importantly, you may not even want to upgrade because iOS7 is slower on your older device or works differently from what you’re used to. You may decide that the new features and look is not worth losing the responsiveness.

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