Google released a really interesting new Labs service called Guru. You can chat with Guru as if it was your human friend through Google Talk or any other chat application. In the picture above I used iChat. Guru only understands certain type of questions (not unlike somer of my human friends) therefore you need to use a specific syntax to be able to extract useful information.

While the information is the same you may be able to get from other sources this is a very personal a quick way to get it. I feel this technology holds great potential which is perhaps a little hard to see at this initial state. I believe in the near future Guru perhaps combined with voice recognition will be the main way we acquire information through Google from the internet. Perhaps one day the main Google homepage will feature Guru technology as its default search field.

Try asking the following questions from Guru:

  • score cricket
  • weather london
  • 300 * 13 / 5
  • 100 USD to EURO
  • define graphic design
  • translate Apple to Spanish
  • web creativebits
  • help

Let me know if you find any new types of queries.


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