I was talking with our intern and I was surprised she did not know a few old hat tricks for Photoshop. After a short discussion I was able to put together the top 10 tips that all designers need to know.

  1. Hitting Tab hides all of your pallets. Hitting Tab again brings them back.
  2. Shift+Tab hides all the pallets except your toolbar.
  3. Hitting the ‘D’ key resets your color pallets to Black foreground, White Background.
  4. The ‘X’ key will toggle your foreground and background colors.
  5. Use CMD+Delete to fill your layer or selection with the current background color.
  6. Option+Delete fills your layer or selection with the foreground color.
  7. Change your paintbrush circle into a crosshair for precise control by pressing the Caps Lock key.
  8. Double-Click the ruler on the top or side of your document brings up the Units & Ruler Dialogue box. (handy if you work in both print and web)
  9. To quickly change the blend mode of a layer Shift+Option+(letter corresponding to mode) ie: Shift+Option+M is Multiply. Shift+Option+V is Vivid Light.
  10. Using Shift+ the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ will toggle through the various blend modes one at a time.

Thanks for the help pixeljunkie with this Bit.

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