The google ads, that you can find on almost every site nowadays, including CreativeBits really are useful. The most important positive thing about them is that they are relevant to the subject of the page, because Google matches the theme of the ad to fit the content of the page. Also, Google ads are relevant to the place you’re visiting from, because based on your IP address Google can guess your location. These ads are much less disturbing than traditional banner ads, because webmasters have the option to customize their color and to choose their layout, so the ads fit into the layout of the page nicely. They are not flashy (in both sense of the word), but text based, so they are very easy to load. Because of all this, readers usually don’t mind them. And this is a big achievement if we are talking about an advertising medium. Most people hate traditional TV ads that cut the action of the movie they are watching, billboards that destroy the landscape or spam that fills their inboxes. Google ads however don’t annoy the reader.

Although I don’t care for traditional banner ads, and I hate the killer size ads that cut into the articles in the middle, I do click Google banner ads. That’s because I’ve found interesting stuff several times in them. For example yesterday I found this very nice design news site on CreativeBits. These ads don’t pay very well, but at least they support the sites that feature them. To give an example about this site, in average CreativeBits gets like a thousand hits a day and it gets 10 hits on the Google ads daily. That’s 1% of the visitors. I think that’s pretty good, but it only makes a dollar a day in average. That’s enough for me to pay the hosting company and buys me a drink every weekend. Cheers! 🙂

I think whoever developed this sytem is a genius. I think that person or team should get an award for the best advertising business invention of the decade. This system is not only connecting the advertiser and the consumer with the most intelligent computerised system available Today, but it also does it in a non obtrusive way, that gives advertising a new hope. Yes, people are fed up with ads, but we can reinvent the business and we can make ads work again. We just need to rethink how we do it. Consumers do need information about new products, they just don’t need the sugar coating. I don’t want to discredit the advertising professionals job. That would be shooting myself in the foot. Products and services do need to be well presented, so that their presentation is not only fun and pleasant to the eye, but also functional and explains the benefits of the product or service in a way that’s easy to understand. However, I think it’s time the advertising business learns from Google. Let’s slowly loose the punchy taglines and cheezy lifestyle shots. Consumers are not stupid, we have to respect their intellect and we shouldn’t feed them waffle.

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