Here is a jewel for Mac OSX. Long time ago, I think Time magazine had a cover page made with such technique. At that time the mosaic was made by a skilled artist who manually created a visual that was made up of hundreds of smaller images. Now you can create similar mosaics using MacOSaiX.

There are many options available in this little application. You can select the number (the more the better), the shape and the content of the individual pieces. And most importantly you don’t necessarily need to have a collection of thousands of images of a particular theme. You can actually automatically pull images from Google images with this application. Imagine, you can create a cool poster for Valentine’s day for example, made up of images that are related. Usually I plan the keywords for the Google images search very carefully. The more keywords you add the better quality your mosaic will be, since MacOSaiX will have more choice to pick and match the colors from. Also, I usually exclude gifs because gifs are usually illustrations and elements of the web site design, rather than related photos. So an example search would be: love, kiss, heart, -gif, -porno, -sex.

Have fun! Oh did I mention that it’s free?

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