I’d like to show you a little jewel. It’s a free application from Xtralean software called Imagewell. It has a small window where you can drop or paste your images. Than you can resize, crop, title, etc. Most importantly you can upload them to your server with a click of a button, or just leave them under a different name on your disk. The cute thing about Imagewell is that when you upload the image, it automatically puts the url with the image tags of your choice on your clipboard, so all you have to do to publish an image it to paste the content of the clipboard to its place. (BTW, I have to brag that this latest feature was suggested by me to Hagen, the programmer.) This little application is so powerful and so easy to use that most people I showed it to started using it from than on until Today. One day it will be part of OS X, as all other great little third party applications of the past.

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