When I design logos for clients I present many options. By the time I come up with the ideas, sketch them out on paper and then design them on the screen I get attached to them. As a friend of mine once said your logos become your kids. We want to see them grow, become successful and famous. When the client asks me which logo among the presented I like most I feel as if I’m asked which child of mine I like the most. I can’t decide, I love them all.

Yet, if I’m lucky client chooses only one from the many. The rest of the kids don’t get any love, they are tossed away as if they weren’t good enough to represent a business, not fit enough for the world. This is unfair. These abandoned ideas deserve better.

Hence, the idea for Stock Logos was born.

I want to give these great ideas a second chance in the world. I want to put them up for adoption, so they can find a loving home with a business that appreciates their creativity.

Other times, I have ideas for logos, but I don’t have clients for them. Occasionally I even sketch them out and show them to my friends just for fun. These ideas also go into a hidden folder on my hard drive. Yet, they could’ve been used by a start-up and could potentially be a lead for new clients for me if there was a way to find the right company that needs this particular idea.

StockLogos.com is a site where designers can upload their logos and clients can browse for ideas they like for their business.

Naturally the question arises if it is a good idea to sell logos off the shelf. Does it not break the required briefing and communication between client and designer to guarantee a tailor made identity for the business?

On the surface this may seem so, but StockLogos.com was designed to make sure the communication between designer remains. When the client buys a stock logo he’s offered to contact the designer of the logo for customization and further work on the identity.

StockLogos.com is essentially an alternative interface to let designers and clients meet. The sale of the logo is just the first step in a new client-designer relationship. The browsing of the logos by client mimics the real world scenario when client does research looking through company logos to formulate in his mind what he wants and designers promoting themselves by showing their portfolios to clients.

For designers StockLogos.com on one hand offers a new way to generate revenue on existing ideas and newly designed concepts and most importantly a new channel to meet new clients to bring about new business.

For clients StockLogos.com offers a new way to find the logo of their liking and the designer who can be a long term partner for their start-up business needs.

If the client can’t find the logo of his liking because of his unique situation he can post a brief on the site. Designers can work against these briefs and offer their up designs to the client. The beauty of the system is that any logos not bought by the client who posted the brief will remain in the library until a new client comes along who finds your design to be a perfect match.

StockLogos.com allows the designer to set the price of their logo between $50 and $500. The site and designer splits the sale price 50/50. StockLogos.com doesn’t take a cut on any business following the logo sale.

Check out some of the logos uploaded by freelancers and design studios to get an idea of what we’re looking for from you.

Designer contact information is kept private to protect your identity if you want to separate your public business from your participation on StockLogos.com. Designer contact information is only revealed to clients who made a purchase.

We’re excited to see where this project leads. We’re hoping you will find it a good revenue generator for your business.

The success of the projects depends on your participation so we’re eager to hear your concern, ideas and suggestions on how we can make the site work better for you!


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