I’ve been waiting for the omniweb 5 to come out for a long time. I’ve tried a beta, but it was not stable, however I loved the features.

I’ve been testing for some time now and I’m still not jumping from joy. It can do all that Safari and Firefox and more. I has features that are actually useful and cool. But, I feel this edition is a bit premature.

Why it’s cool?
The graphic tabs are great. This is the feature that made me look. Especially cool that you can just drag and drop the little web page thumbnails between windows. The visual feedback of the little green tickmark on the thumbnail that tells you the page is fully loaded is great. The workspaces function is potentially pretty cool too. You can save a set of pages and return to them with a click. Scrolling with the scroll wheel mouse is much better than either of the two mentioned. I like the logo and the interface. The design is very simple and clear. All the sites that I visited appear correctly. Powerful preferences.

What needs to improve?
It needs to be free. Just joking. I’m happy to pay 30 bucks for an app that I use for hours every day, although there are too many free alternatives to this app with comparable features. I hate the name, it reminds me of an omnibus, which is old and slow. But, that’s just me. 🙂 It was crashing with one particular site all the time and crashed once with blogger too. Can’t play movies in the browser window until they are loaded fully and they also do not appear in the thumbnails. Blogger doesn’t support it fully. When composing messages the functions are limited compared to Firefox and couldn’t edit the template at all. You need a powerful machine to enjoy flawless preview of many tabs all updating at the same time.

Here is a tip for Omniweb: to switch between tabs press Apple(or command)-Up and Apple-Down.

Firefox is still the browser of my choice, since stability is more important than any cool feature.

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