We live in a society where most people now acquire their information by searching online and carrying out their research that way. It is vital to have a website for your business that stands out in this competitive space.

Not only is a website the perfect platform to showcase your products but it also acts at the forefront of your online marketing. More and more businesses are creating websites to attract more customers and generate increased sales. This trend is being seen all over the world.

You might know the need for a website, but do you know the right way to go about it? There are two paths you can take here. Design and develop it in-house which in most cases ends in disaster or you can hire a web design agency who specialises in designing websites for companies just like yours.

We have compiled the research and have outlined five key reasons why you should hire a web design agency for your new website.



A professional website design agency design website daily and are experts in their field. They know what a website should do, and how it should behave. They know what works on a website and what does not.

They have a clear vision of the type of website that would suit the needs of your business and the most appropriate design and branding to match.

There is an increasing number of websites and applications out there all competing with the same users. You need to stand out if you want to compete in this dynamic world.



Knowing you need a website and making a website are two completely different things. By no means, is designing a website a simple task. With the majority of visitors now using mobile devices, the need for mobile-friendly websites is a must and this takes a level of expertise in web design that not everyone has.

Hiring a professional web design agency would eliminate this worry as they are equipped with the skills and experience to design and develop bespoke and mobile-friendly websites.

There is also the need to consider that when designing a website, you will stumble across a wide array of problems that need fixing. To a design agency, these are annoying but are solvable but to an individual, with little to no experience, it can be a roadblock that prevents development.



There is a lot to consider when developing and designing a website. The need for someone who can design graphics, SEO analysers for keyword optimisation on search engines, web developers for the web pages, content writers for the body, etc. It is a lot to think about and missing out on just one of those skill sets can be detrimental to the success of the website.

Remove that worry by using a website design agency that has experts in each of these fields to ensure continuity and reduce the risk for any delay. The website design agency is likely to have several team members working on your website simultaneously – allowing for the entire project to be done on time.



Once you have designed your website for its initial rollout, it is highly likely that further down the line you will wish to make changes.

Perhaps you would like to add extra elements such as a blog or an option to have a live chat or video feature, or perhaps you just want to change some text or images on a couple of the web pages.

Having it built by a professional website design agency will allow for this with ease as they will develop it in a way that can easily be edited and enhance in the future.

If you were to design it in-house yourself, without the in-depth knowledge needed and foreshadowing it is likely to be exceedingly difficult to alter in the future.



This reason may seem the opposite of what you are thinking but designing a website on your own is likely to cost you more money in the long term than using a professional web design agency. This is due to several reasons.

Building a website, yourself from scratch will take a lot of time and there are chances some functions will not work properly. Leaving you with either a broken site or the need to pay out for an expert to fix it. They say time is money and the amount of time spent on trying to fix it yourself could be negated by the cost of the design agency, to begin with.

It is easier to save all that hassle and go straight to hiring the expert in the first place. It is the most effective solution when it comes to having a website designed for your business.

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