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20 Surefire Ways to Anger Creatives

Compuserve may be a distant memory to most of us but we can thank it for popularizing the GIF file format that lives on in the form of web animations, having outlived the usage of both Java and Flash. While slick GIF cinemagraphs can still catch our attention, you can't beat a clunky, badly looped animation that uses appropriated content in a comical setting. The Digiday site, which covers digital media, marketing and advertising, recently posted an amusing GIF-infested collection of these entitled 20 Surefire Ways to Anger Creatives. Ranging from such classics as 1. Make Them Work on Banners through 20. Change the Office Dress Policy to “Business Casual,” the image above is from 13. Put Them On the Phone with a Client.

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I still make gifs...

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They missed one of the best ways:
Tell them "we are switching to Celeron Dells running Windows 8 Home Edition!"
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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