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Editable Smart Objects

Smart objects is extremely useful for designers putting together layouts in Photoshop. Not having to worry about resizing logos and other vector elements is a huge help.

You can not only transform and apply filters to these layers without destructing them, but also edit them in Illustrator and save them back right into Photoshop.

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Transparent gradient in Illustrator

In Photoshop to make one layer gradually disappear to reveal another layer is common knowledge. It is achieved by applying a gradient to the top layers' mask.

Not surprisingly you can achieve the same effect with a similar approach by applying a gradient mask to objects in Illustrator too.

Here are the three simple steps to create a gradient mask in Illustrator.

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Line type effect in Illustrator – or scan lines on type

In this tutorial you will learn some important things related to object manipulating in Illustrator. You will learn how to duplicate and distribute objects in one step, how to cut unwanted paths and more.

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Adobe CS3 videos

CS3 videos

Jim from Creative Guy pointed out the great site from Adobe presenting a free Video workshop about Adobe CS3. Have fun learning!

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Adobe CS3 tour

Adobe CS3

Looks sweet. I live the non-destructing editing using the new smart filters in Photoshop. Can't beat a live blur. Also, live color looks interesting in Illustrator. What do you think?

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Apple's Adobe CS3 page

Apple's CS3 page

The release of CS3 must be near as even Apple posted a CS3 page.

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Amazon leaks Adobe CS3 pricing, availability dates, code split

AppleInsider reports, one of the largest online retailers has let slip the entire launch strategy for Adobe's Creative Suite 3 and its various individual apps -- and revealed that PowerPC-based Macs may soon become second-class citizens in the program designer's eyes.

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Separations Preview in Illustrator CS2

One of the things that come in handy when prepping files for print is being able to preview how the printer will separate the artwork to colour plates. This is especially handy when you're working with a combination of spot colours, or a combination of spot and process. Unfortunately Adobe Illustrator does not offer this functionality. Don't give up hope though, help is at hand.

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Keep your tools handy

toolbox torn

Let's say you are working on an illustration that requires a set of tools that you use consecutively hundreds of times to get the job done. You can either learn all the shortcuts to use the keyboard to switch between them. Or you can simply tear off the required toolbox panels from the main toolbox bar and put them comfortably next to the illustration you're working on.

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Adobe CS3 beta released

This is one press release from Adobe I read from A to Z. Exciting and much waited stuff! If you just want the link: Download here. For screen shots click here.

Company Also Previews Adobe Bridge and All-New Adobe Device Central

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Dec. 14, 2006 — Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) will introduce a beta version of Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 software, the next release of the world standard in digital imaging, on Friday, December 15th. Adobe is delivering a widely available Photoshop CS3 beta to enable customers to more easily transition to the latest hardware platforms, particularly Apple’s new Intel-based systems. The beta is available as a Universal Binary for the Macintosh platform, as well as for Microsoft® Windows® XP and Windows Vista computers. The final shipping release of Adobe Photoshop CS3 is planned for Spring 2007. The software can be downloaded at: , in the early hours Pacific Standard Time on December 15.


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