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Multiple pages in Illustrator

illustrator multiple pages

How many times have you heard the rant that Illustrator lacks the feature to have multiple pages? Well, actually it doesn't. It does have an option for pseudo multiple pages built right into the application.

illustrator document setup panel

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Free from annoyance: Quick Object Locking

I seem to be finding a lot of useful(for my style of working anyway) little options for AI lately...

This one is a quick object lock. A speedhack if you are setting up a template with a lot of objects, you would probably know how annoying it is to break your flow of work by having to search and lock layers you are selecting/creating. Well here is the solution: CMD+2

Poof, insta locked layer.

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So many layers so little space to click....

Just a quick AI tip that I stumbled upon today, most might know it but I didn't so why not pass it on?

Everything within a layer is its own object, and if say, you have an outline shadow of text that is two layers down that a customer just wants to make a quick color change to....You don't want to have to dig through ALL the objects in said layer. Just select any object within that layer (the one closest to the object you are trying to get to would be best.) and use CMD+OPT+[ or ] to scroll quickly through them.

Edit: ..... :)

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Crop and Save for web


When you work on a document in Illustrator, you may have many different elements around your page that you may not want to include in the final jpeg that you save for client. But when you select File /Save for web unfortunately all of those bleeding images and other elements will be included in the image. Also, if part of your page is empty it will not be included. Not ideal. So what do we do about it?

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Tiger clipboard vs Illustrator 10

error message

If you installed Tiger and still using Illustrator 10, you are probably getting this annoying error: "Acrobat PDF file Format is having difficulties. There was a Macintosh system error (-37)."

Here is the fix: In your Illustrator preferences, files & clipboard, turn off the “copy by: pdf” checkbox.

Thanks Terry for emailing me the solution to my last OS upgrade issue. Any other issues still hanging for you?

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Print your oversized artwork

Here is the deal. You've got an artwork, which is bigger than the biggest size your printer can hadle. What do you do?

I used to move the artowork around over the page to print the big artwork piece by piece. Than I found a handy feature of Illustrator CS.

Illustrator Print Tiling

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Pick up a font style

Once you carefully crafted a particular font style in Illustrator with a certain color, size, font, stroke, effect, etc. you wouldn't want to go through all these settings once again if you need to use the same style for another text element in your design.

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Gradient Mesh - the tool you never use

Ever wonder what you could do with that Gradient Mesh tool in Adobe Illustrator? It's one of the most powerful, and yet underused tools in the program.

Here's a great little tutorial to get you started.

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Brushes to paths in Illustrator

In all my years using Illustrator I never had a need to use the brush pallet. Lately I have had a need for it while making calligraphy style icons.

When I sent the artwork to the printer I did not want to leave the Illustrator brush strokes applied to a single stroke. In my experience this was a nightmare for the pre press operators. I knew I needed to convert them to an outline. I first tried the Object >> Path >> Outline Stroke however that only outlines the stroke without the brush applied.

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Copying path from Illustrator to PS

Illustrator PreferencesBy default when you copy a path from Illustrator to PhotoShop it gets rasterized.

If you want to paste the path into PS as a working path, you need to open Illustrator /Preferences /Files and Clipboard... and set the Clipboard to Copy As: AICB /Preserve Paths. Next time you copy a path from Illustrator to PS you will be given an option in PS if you want your clipboard content as Pixels, Path or Shape layer.


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