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Duotone support arrives in CS

Adobe brought transparency to the Illustrator world back with version 9. One of the many complaints about the poor-selling AI9 (and believe me, if you used it, you could see why nobody liked it after only 5 minutes of use!) was the inability of linked spot color EPS photos to interact with all the transparency features.

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Preview your icons

If you are designing an icon in Illustrator, select the Window/New Window menu to open a new view for the same document. Now select the View/Pixel Preview or press Apple-Alt-Y (Command-Option-Y) to change one window to pixel preview mode. Place the two windows side by side and enjoy seeing your logo in pixel preview while working on it in vectors. This way you can make sure you're using the right line width and see how your curves translate to pixels.

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The missing plug-in

One of the forum members posted a burning question about Illustrator.

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Easter egg

Today I'll tell you about a feature that's not really useful, but it shows that programmers at Adobe are fun people or have too much time on their hands. You decide.

Alt click the little triangle on the bottom left of your document to get a menu with some extra features. If anyone knows who is Ted let me know, because I've got his phone number. :) Which one is your favourite easter egg?

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Rock your stars

When you draw with the Star tool there are several keys that modify your star on the fly. They are extremely useful to get the exact shape you want for your illustration.

By pressing the Apple key while dragging the star you can change the length of the arms. Press the Space to reposition the star while drawing.

The Up and Down arrow keys will change the number of arms your star has.


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